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The term GTM first appeared in the 90s but it's gained much more favor of late. In part because GTM campaigns deliver very clear messaging in the form of value propositions to the end user, and net-new value for the enterprise. Microsoft, Stripe, Canva, and Notion - among many others - are increasingly using a GTM campaign strategy to launch new products. Apple has used them to highlight new features with the "Shot on iPhone" campaign. The C-suite further appreciates our ability to close the "marketing proof gap," and for good reason.
Aron Kressner
December 8, 2023
Market trends have shown that most tech companies — new and old — are lagging when it comes to GTM. In a recent Mckinsey report analyzing the consulting firm generated what it believes to be the top priority for emerging transformations in the market, emphasizing tech companies’ need to “rebuild their GTM models from the ground up.” The report highlights 4 key drivers of a reimagined GTM function that apply well beyond the tech sector and provide a hiring framework for improving the go to market function of any company or startup.
Aron Kressner
October 29, 2023