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A full 94% of business leaders agree on the need to align sales and marketing. Promisingly, RevOps teams have become so essential to company success that it is estimated 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a RevOps model by 2025. RevOps also enables companies to attain the data needed to make more informed decisions and better understand pipeline velocity, sales cycles, win rates, annual recurring revenue (ARR), churn, customer lifetime value (CLV), and more. Let's examine the core principles, key management platforms, AI solutions, reporting needs, and a sample job description for Vice President, Revenue Operations (the key title that is +300% on LinkedIn over the past 18 months).
Lana Steiner
March 22, 2024
A recent Gallup article titled “In A Tight Labor Market, Employees Bear The Burden” speaks volumes about the current corporate environment. The data provides specific insight into factors that are often felt but only understood anecdotally. There are simple fixes available to leaders who are willing to acknowledge what their team members are already talking about and struggling to manage on their own: added responsibilities, restructuring, reduced budgets and more.
Aron Kressner
November 30, 2023