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Ernst & Young recently released their annual Pulse of the Industry report — which provides a comprehensive analysis of the MedTech field, at large — finding the industry as well as the global economy is in a state of flux. Transitioning from a surge of post-pandemic investment, the MedTech sector continues to grow with an increasing focus on AI, wearables, and robotics. While investment to the sector has slowed, there is no deficit of product, sales, marketing, and developer work needed in MedTech, especially around security, AI functions of all stripes (operational, relational, and beyond) and even innovative uses of blockchain.
Cody Samuels
January 19, 2024
The management consulting market has been worth an estimated $300 billion annually for the last several years, it's forecasted to grow 10% each year over the next decade. A 2021 survey from Clutch found 24% of small businesses in the United States plan to hire a financial consultant or advisor. The survey also suggests a significantly larger percentage – around 70% to 80% – of companies have situations where management consultants could be beneficial. Shifts in the business model at top consulting firms exacerbated this gap, there is still a solution for companies between the F100 and SMBs, it's just not common yet.
Cody Samuels
January 8, 2024
In a recent consumer survey, 59 percent of respondents stated that they prefer to conduct at least one daily activity such as socializing, shopping, fitness, or education in the virtual world rather than in person. As shown by this year’s Augmented World Expo turnout, the $35B XR market is on a growth trajectory slated to hit $345 billion by 2030. As consumers become more accustomed to XR (extended reality) and its subsets – AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality), and VR (virtual reality), the room for growth among these emerging markets captured the eyes of investors and market prognosticators. In short, we’re at the beginning of a new XR frontier, and it's time to hire XR talent and teams.
Cody Samuels
November 21, 2023
A Chief of Staff meant to handle important cross-functional projects that a founder just can’t actively manage due to time constraints. Because the Chief of Staff is also there to take ownership of critical projects, they need the ability to ingest the founder’s point of view, run with it, and process ambiguity in real time. Here is an in-depth description of the role, essential skills, and sample interview questions for hiring a Chief of Staff, which is an increasingly essential and in-demand position that comes with a lot of authority and a big salary. Make no mistake about it.
Aron Kressner
November 9, 2023
The enterprise AI hiring spree started years ago. The creation and development of AI systems require machine learning engineers, data scientists, and specialized researchers. At the executive level, these positions will require verbally adroit and highly skilled executives who can sell an AI vision to a board of directors, carving out a new, upwardly mobile career path specific to the needs of AI as its usage becomes even more commonplace and essential to a company’s growth.
Candice Wu
October 14, 2023
With the number of product manager jobs in the US increasing by 32% in the past five years, the median salary has climbed to an average $150,000, making it one of the highest-paying jobs in the tech industry, while the top 10% percent of product managers earn more than $180,000 per year. As a result, […]
Demi WIlkinson
October 5, 2023
For years, heavily regulated industries like banking and healthcare were reluctant to make the switch from antiquated user experiences to fully embracing the digital world. Step into the odd doctor’s office and behind the counter, you will unquestionably find a relic known as the fax machine; granted, many states prohibit the transmission of medical records […]
Aron Kressner
October 5, 2023
PMs are not thrown by the supposed challenges associated with leading remote teams. In spite of the headlines, as evidenced in a recent McKinsey study, nearly 90% of employers have retained some form of a hybrid model. New practices like on-demand hiring and asynchronous communication lead the way for modern work environments.
Lana Steiner
September 23, 2023