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In October of last year the $2.3 billion Las Vegas Sphere opened for business, ushering in a new type of stadium experience and a new era of demand for virtual reality and augmented reality experiences as well as the talented individuals who create them. We can all expect to see more of these immersive digital experiences popping up around the country. For example, artist Roy Nachum is opening an immersive museum in New York. The Leonardo opened a new immersive exhibit in Salt Lake City called “Into the mind of AI.” Estimates for the sector range up to $7 billion annually by 2030. Using gaming technology and GenAI, there will be an exploding demand for motion designers and animation professionals, among others.
Lana Steiner
February 5, 2024
There are many exceptional engineers in the world, yet only a small handful of these talented individuals will ever find themselves at the helm of a seismic monitoring system that guides a $7B mining operation. But as soon as you meet J.P. Mercier, you very quickly realize that there is nothing about his skills, his career, or his constitution that is common.
Alec Whitten
November 11, 2023
Digital product design approaches are evolving rapidly, building on advances in computing power, analytics, and artificial intelligence. According to a newly released Mckinsey report, companies that flourish at design increase revenues and shareholder returns at twice the rate of their industry counterparts. Yet, 66% of CEOs couldn’t say what their Chief Design Officers actually did, or how that success should be measured. Here is an updated description of the role down to important interview questions for any digital design professionals walking in the door at your company.
Candice Wu
November 7, 2023