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Hiring for Web3 Also Means Building Community, Decentralizing Business Models, Committing to Transparency

More than 50,000 professionals on LinkedIn responded to a 2022 Harvard Business Review poll, close to 70 percent admitted that they do not know what Web3 actually is.

Natali Craig
March 22, 2024
Artificial Intelligence

Where AI Meets BI: The State of Artificial Intelligence at Top Management Consulting Firms

Deloitte dossier reported that 94% of industry leading companies believe AI is critical to their success over the next five years.

Cody Samuels
February 27, 2024
Hiring & Staffing Trends

GenZ Are Treating Employers Badly, It Would Appear They Have Their Reasons

Gen X was too skeptical, Millennials were too entitled. It’s time now for Gen Z to take their lumps.

Aron Kressner
February 22, 2024

OpenAI: Is Sora Exactly the Game Changer That Humans Were Afraid of, or Just Another Tool For Creatives?

Suffice to say, AI isn’t the technology of the future; it’s already here. The company behind the ChatGPT chatbot and the still-image generator DALL-E...

Cody Samuels
February 21, 2024