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Virtual Reality

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In October of last year the $2.3 billion Las Vegas Sphere opened for business, ushering in a new type of stadium experience and a new era of demand for virtual reality and augmented reality experiences as well as the talented individuals who create them. We can all expect to see more of these immersive digital experiences popping up around the country. For example, artist Roy Nachum is opening an immersive museum in New York. The Leonardo opened a new immersive exhibit in Salt Lake City called “Into the mind of AI.” Estimates for the sector range up to $7 billion annually by 2030. Using gaming technology and GenAI, there will be an exploding demand for motion designers and animation professionals, among others.
Lana Steiner
February 5, 2024
In a recent consumer survey, 59 percent of respondents stated that they prefer to conduct at least one daily activity such as socializing, shopping, fitness, or education in the virtual world rather than in person. As shown by this year’s Augmented World Expo turnout, the $35B XR market is on a growth trajectory slated to hit $345 billion by 2030. As consumers become more accustomed to XR (extended reality) and its subsets – AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality), and VR (virtual reality), the room for growth among these emerging markets captured the eyes of investors and market prognosticators. In short, we’re at the beginning of a new XR frontier, and it's time to hire XR talent and teams.
Cody Samuels
November 21, 2023